Queen is from Our Juno x Hurricane breeding and is one of the most
beautiful dogs you'll ever see. She a combination of beauty, size and
athleticism that will continue to make our blood shine for years to come.
Coming off two of PTK's legendary producers we are excited to see her carry
her parents Legacy.
Head: 23"
Bloodlines: Gk/Watchdog
Queen of Perfection
Nala might just be one of the baddest females we've produced and if you're
a fan of our kennel you know how amazing that is. If you don't simply take a
look at our produced page. Nala is off of Kraken x Sapphire and has all the
characteristics that will make her a premier female at our kennels. I can't wait
to watch her grow.
Weight: 60 lbs @
4 months
Bloodlines: Gk/Watchdog/Greyline/Gamelot